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Why the Republican Neo-Conservatives Really Support Hillary

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QUESTION: Marty; It is clear that the Republican elite support Hillary over Trump and of course the press with every story is negative. This is really strange with the GOP leaders who claim to be conservative. Obviously the press has become a propaganda machine to only destroy the country to maintain the status quo. Is this all because they fear an outsider?

Thanks. You are a breath of fresh air.


Get-Out-Of-Jail-FreeANSWER: The press from CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS and countless newspapers all want a Hillary coronation and could care less about the direction of the world no less the nation as long as they keep the money flowing in their direction. This election will destroy their own credibility as people turn to the internet for the truth. Welcome the American version of PRAVDA. The press go into hyper-analysis of every single word Trump now speaks, but there is never a word that Hillary sold influence approving contracts to foreign governments who donated to her pretend charity. The press attacked Nixon for 18.5 minutes of tapes being erased. Hillary gets a crown for her coronation and a get-out-of-jail-free card for treason.

When it comes to the GOP leaders, you MUST understand that the neoconservatives are originally the old Democrats of the South who jumped ship when the Democratic Party began turning more socialist and liberal in their view. There was a large evangelical element to this group and that is why they initially supported Jimmy Carter’s evangelical liberalism. However, their hard line agenda on ruling the world led them to abandoned Carter and voted for an outsider named Ronald Reagan who the “traditional” Republicans feared because he was not a Washington boy. Most of these neoconservatives, like Strom Thurman, were outright racist.

These neoconservatives began to fear ‘liberals’ who they saw as surrendering in the Cold War. To them, foreign policy was all about nation-building abroad to defeat communism. They really were against political correctness so the Republicans were reshaped according to their views. I was personally a close friend of someone high up in Reagan’s campaign. I had a discussion about these neoconservatives back then and warned that embracing their agenda would alter the Party. I was told that I should not worry for the Party would temper and control these rebels. But in the end, the Party needed them to win the election and in the process the heads of almost every committee became a Southern neoconservative.

Even since the 1980s, this group of neoconservatives has constituted the elite of their newly adopted party. These are the very same people in revolt today and refuse to support Trump. Yes, the career politicians fear Trump will not grease their palms with the usual corruption that has consumed Washington. God forbid if Trump began cutting pork from Washington’s diet. How would a politician run for office if he did not deliver pork to get votes? That is the grease that keeps the government working.

Oama_Nobel_Peace_PrizeHowever, you have to examine closely what is really happening. Pick up the rug and you will see that there is far more to the mere statement of Trump building a wall to prevent Mexicans from coming in. Trump is against the core of the neoconservative agenda, which has always been nation-building and ruling the world. When Mit Romney and others say Trump is “no conservative” this is what they are really saying. Trump does not want to rule the world like them. Why do you think they put together a letter of 50 former national security advisers to say Trump is dangerous? You will not hear the Truth from Wolf Blitzer. What they are saying is Trump is against their agenda to engage in nation-building and dominating the world at the expense of our young boys as if it worked so well in Iraq and Libya not to mention Syria and of course Vietnam. When Trump says Obama is the founder of ISIS, he may be sarcastic, but Obama, after getting the Nobel Peace Prize, agreed to try to muster support to invade Syria. Only the American people rejected another nation-building scheme. The whole idea of a wall between the USA and Mexico means to them isolationist and Trump has criticized nation-building. Trump has stated that we should not be nation-building any more.

Of course CNN will not tell you this point blank for they are a covert Democratic propaganda machine that benefits from war coverage. Why would they explain this deep rift between Trump and the neoconservatives. They aired the letter from 50 former national security advisers saying Trump is dangerous. But they would never explain why they think he is dangerous. Most people ASSUME that means he would get us into war by insulting people. That’s a real fool’s perspective. The truth is precisely the opposite. These elite neoconservative security advisers fear Trump would stop the neoconservative agenda of ruling the world. The danger to these 50 questionable advisers is if the USA would no longer be engaged in nation-building such as Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, and Ukraine just in recent memories, they could not rule the world. This is why so many people in the Republican Party are against Trump. He is changing the dynamics driving war and in so doing reshaping the Republican Party sending these neoconservatives back to the Democrats from where they originally emerged. The very war machine President Eisenhower (January 17, 1961) warned about when before he left office is here championed by the neoconservatives who are the most dangerous group of all for they will create World War III.

Consequently, the Republican neoconservatives are turning to Hillary for they know she will not dismantle the war machine and Obama is expanding the cold war against Russia and China. After getting the Nobel Peace Prize, this man has done more than any former recipient to reignite international war. When I say I often feel I should just go to some island and wait for the mushroom cloud to know it is safe to come out, this is what I am referring to. These are the people who want to rule the world.

Therefore, the neoconservatives are reinventing themselves once more and are quietly abandoning the Republican Party of economic conservatism for their real goal of nation-building and dominating the world political scene. The Republican elite are silently returning to the Democrats to support Hillary Clinton. They know she will do their bidding for everything is negotiable with Hillary for her only goal is to be the first woman president. Nothing else matters to Hillary. I believe they will rig the vote and the press will be backing this takeover of America making the view ahead anything but stable.

Ironically, Bernie Sanders made the hard-left Clinton appear as a centrist. They have reasoned that they need to attack Trump to keep the game of nation-building in play. This aligns with our war model. Sorry, but Hillary will create the war, not Trump who is an isolationist, which they fear.

Being behind the curtain and working with many people globally, I have just come to know far more than I ever really wanted to know. The neoconservatives are anti-Trump for the primary reason of their desire for world domination and nation-building. They are a bunch of sick people who will more likely than not lead us into World War III under Hillary. That is their goal and make no mistake about it. They do not understand that war in the old fashion way is dead. Neither Russia nor China want to occupy the United States with troops. Inevitably, the people always revolt. Modern war is now on the economic table. Only primitive regions are still trying to wage war but not to occupy, rather to even old scores and destroy cultures such as Europe to impose their culture upon the world. That is neither the goal of China or Russia. It is the rising threat of ISIS that poses the greatest danger moving forward to civilization as a whole. It was this neoconservative nation-building that removed the dictators who kept that extremism in check. We topple governments with no plan for the future destabilizing everything we touch.

The agenda of CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS along with countless newspapers, is to paint Trump as crazy and unfit for office distorting everything he says because they are secretly supporting the status quo in particular the nation-building and dominating the world political scene. This makes news for the mainstream media and keeps them in business. This is not about explaining what this very issue is all about and how it is the core of this national election. They have no problem spilling the blood of our young boys washing their hands in it before counting their money. You will NEVER hear one word of this in that media – not one. This is the real secret agenda. This is why they simply say Trump is no conservative without explaining what they mean.