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US Elections — From Bad to Worse

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2016 Election (2)

We have a socialist, a criminal, and an amateur who speaks before he thinks all running for the position of leader of the “free world” which is anything but free. Then we have a press so in bed with the politicians that they often seem to be crossbreeding. CNN, ABC News, and CBS News all have family ties to the Democrats. No wonder they will never hit Hillary anywhere close to how they jump on Trump. Hillary clearly should be indicted, but Obama will not do so. Endorsing Hillary means Obama has put out the word that there will be no indictment. If it was Trump, you could bet he would be in jail with no bail.

The Trump University suit is presided over by political activist Judge Gonzolo Curiel who had the audacity to schedule a hearing and order Trump to appear in court on the day of the Republican Convention. That demonstrates Judge Curiel’s political strings and where they lead. Then the lawyers who brought the suit against six people out of almost 10,000, are also political activists. Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd, the law firm behind the class action lawsuit against Trump, paid the Clintons $675,000 in speaking fees. Every possible place you turn, the truth shows nothing but political manipulation and blatant corruption. These are the types of people robbing our future and that of our families.

Then the Associated Press (AP) had the audacity to announce that the majority of super delegates were voting for Hillary based on an advanced poll, so she won before the voting even began. The timing revealed, once again, that the AP was playing politics to ensure people would give up and not go to the polls to vote for Bernie. You have to ask — what the hell is all this corruption about? These people figure they are above the law so they can screw the rest of society to further their personal gain. If Trump won, the Justice Department would indict Hillary and a lot of others. It might become the next big reality TV show – “Watching the Clintons & Cronies.” Of course, the mainstream press would not cover it because they might be involved.

The people went to the polls on Tuesday, June 7, in California, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota, and South Dakota to select presidential candidates and much more. Meanwhile, the votes the AP tried to prevent in the United States were not entirely a coronation for Hillary. Clinton has won New Jersey with about 59.2% while Sanders won North Dakota almost by 64%.

About one-third of Bernie supporters say they will vote for Trump before Hillary. The under-45 crowd is not loyal to party lines. They look at candidates, which is quite refreshing. Hillary beats Bernie only in the 45+ range and the absentee ballots are typically the older people who cannot make it to the polls for health reasons. They will vote for Hillary, hands down. Bernie leads Hillary in the under-45 crowd who are definitely not party driven. Nevertheless, it appears that the AP did its job. Hillary may take California with over 50%. Why announce the winner before the people vote? That seems very Stalinist and by no means “free objective” press. I personally lost respect for the AP after that.