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Trump – the Next President?

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Donald Trump has surged to 36% in the polls, which is driving the political pundits crazy. After more than 30 years of dealing directly with politicians around the world, I must say one thing: politicians will NEVER admit a mistake. No matter what, they will always follow a single course simply because they declared that direction from the outset. So we will not see a reform of the euro, but authoritarianism to force it to work. We will not see Obama back down from trying to overthrow Assad, despite the fact this will lead to ISIS controlling Syria and will create even more of a problem, if not World War III. Politicians do not change direction.


Trump, a businessman, is not cut from the same cloth. Perhaps he would change the direction we are heading in and would actually negotiate with Putin. His risk is that of assassination for those really in power behind the curtain do not want to lose the reins of power. They would have him killed before they give up control of playing warlord.


One thing is clear, Trump has at least a shot at making a change compared to Hillary and Bush. Looks like the political upset for Washington predicted by our computer way back in 1985 for 2016 will be spot on. All it takes is turning the economy down to upset politics.

Trump actually has more support than most incumbent political parties in any other government worldwide. This is illustrating that indeed 2015.75 was by far the peak in government on a major global scale.