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Trump & Taxation

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On his website, Donald Trump’s tax plan still maintains the income tax while making it lower and simpler. All I can say is that I hope Trump remains open minded as a businessman rather than a politician. He should immediately recognize the tremendous advantage of being the first to eliminate the Marxist era income tax to free the people of economic slavery once and for all. When the American Revolution said NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION, it also incorporated no borrowing or public debt. Why? Because by maintaining a public debt, we are now being taxed for past debt on a 70% interest payment that we had ABSOLUTELY no right to vote on at that time. This is TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION. We are taxed for the past — not the present.

Trump is going to need a well-trained bodyguard. He should also have a special car built that has NO INTERNET or GPS connections to prevent it from being hacked and driven off a cliff remotely. This is no joke. Trump is a major threat to career politicians in Washington, not to mention the bureaucrats.