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Trump Still Ahead

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Despite the slew of announcements that Hillary was the victor of this week’s debate, the latest polls are still showing Trump ahead with 47% to Hillary’s 43%. Trump has come out to the criticism and said he will hit Hillary harder in the next round.

The foreign press (seite_1_tages-anzeiger_2016-09-28) supports Hillary, as does the local press. They may rig the election, which they clearly attempted to do in California. The stealing of votes from Bernie in California is a widespread investigation. Votes were not counted, and in other regions, they were switched to Hillary. We should expect more of the same this time at the Federal level.

The media will, of course, not report the voter fraud since they are part of the conspiracy against the people to keep everything as is.

Our computer has never been wrong. The one election it was wrong was the Bush-Gore election where it projected a narrow victory for Gore, but the Supreme Court stole that from him. So far, it continues to project a Trump victory. The only way to ensure that is a huge surge in voter turnout, as took place in Britain for BREXIT. It has to be a surge so great that it cannot be erased.

When we look at the number of individuals donating money, Trump has the clear lead by more than 2 million donors. Hillary has the lead in the amount of money donated because the corrupt powers that be are backing her.