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The “Trump Revolution” is not about Trump Himself

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COMMENT: Hi Mr. Armstrong,

Your recent article regarding Trump is a major shift in your view regarding his coming administration,  at least to me any new thing that you pinpoint is like an  alert and makes me to think further.  When you point out something it is better to be cautious.  It is now  possible that Trump will not keep most of his promises  and will cause a sharp decline in public confidence against system. Now this surfaces as one of the possibilities.

For so long you have been saying that decline in ECM this time will come with the erosion of confidence.  Maybe  now we are setting up for that outcome.

Thank you for all your alerts and early indications.

R. U.

REPLY: Do not confuse the “Trump Revolution” with Trump himself. The people are sick and tired of the same old nonsense. Trump just so happened to be there at the right time. This is a revolution of the people — not Trump! I have stated many times that if Trump did anything out of line or unconstitutional, I would call him out in a second. Trump did something really amazing that I would have thought was impossible. He effectively ran as a third party candidate from within the Republican Party. He altered the party and they still do not respect that. My inside sources say the Republicans think they just have to train him. They are not looking at why he won any more than the Democrats are.

I find it interesting that the people he is bringing in are not politicians. That is encouraging. Bringing in Goldman Sachs and Sullivan & Cromwell gives me tremendous pause that is he really draining the swamp? He may not even know what he has done. I have gotten a lot of emails on this, for many had no idea about Sullivan & Cromwell. Trump comes from real estate — not investment banking or trading so he no doubt is clueless about GS. He certainly has not rubbed shoulders with these people as I have. So I am willing to wait and see.

However, I have worked behind the curtain for more than 30 years. I have seen politics raw and close up. I do what I do today because it is clear to me that you cannot change anything from inside. I am neither Republican nor Democrat. I see no difference between the two behind the curtain because it always boils down to “show me the money.”


The danger Trump also brings is that his failure to deliver promises may lead to the total collapse of the political system. We have Trump because of Obama’s failures. Since he was the first black president, hopes for change were high, but his total failure to change anything from the NSA to giving the innocent people at Guantanamo Bay a fair trial of any kind demonstrated that either Obama was a grand liar and never intended to deliver change, or he succumbed to the establishment.

Obama completely failed to deliver “Change we can believe in.” Now the same test will be applied to Trump. If someone who ran against the elite Republicans also succumbs to the establishment, this is all over. Trump has the opportunity to slow the collapse for a brief period and demonstrate to the world that socialism is our downfall. If he fails to show the world by example, then the decline that is coming will be steep.


We cannot alter the cycle. What I do believe is possible has to do with the volatility. Trump can lower the volatility that is coming by doing the right thing. It will be hard because the left is becoming very, very dangerous. If Trump succumbs to the establishment, I fear that the volatility will be the worst we have ever seen. The left will become violent and we may see street violence globally as these people fight to suppress and eliminate any of us who dare to disagree with them. You have nutjobs like Rosie O’Donald calling for Martial Law and overthrowing the Constitution. You have others calling for impeachment when you can only impeach someone for something they did in office – not prior to.

The left is just off the wall. The Sydney Morning Herald in Australia said, “Donald Trump is a one-man basket of deplorables.” That is really insulting the majority of Americans and shows that they are really the intolerables. The Sydney Morning Herald went on to say, “One remote remedy is impeachment by the House and conviction by the Senate. It is, as it should be, a laborious process and requires provable acts of treason, bribery or other ‘high crimes and misdemeanours.'” None of that applies to anything someone does prior to office. The left are the most intolerant people you will ever encounter, yet they delude themselves to be fair and tolerant and anyone who dares to disagree is a deplorable. This is what war is all about. These types of people have historically been the most violent in history and seek to wipe out all dissent.

The Sydney Morning Herald article proposed another tactic. “Under the 25th Amendment to the Constitution, the vice-president, together with a ‘majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide’ can remove the president for being ‘unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.’ No doubt the mere mention of incapacitation would summon a horde of lawyers to Washington to contest it or the meaning of every term.”

The refusal to accept the election and just move on is obvious. This is dangerous for these are the very people who have historically revolted against, and murdered on a wholesale basis, anyone who disagrees with them. This is the danger we face moving forward. You can see why war breaks-out. They are really the intolerables who will not live in the world peacefully but demand to rule and subjugate others.