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Trump Post-Election

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Trumps’ campaign manager most people do not realize was a WOMAN. Kellyanne Conway is the first female campaign manager to win the Presidency for her candidate. She did a wonderful job with Trump’s strategy. She appeared on many hostile media shows and charmed them. And she made history with Trump’s victory. So much for Trump hating women, which was a very feminist view put out there by Hillary. All the pollsters were wrong and the one famous one had said he would eat a bug if Trump won. He held up his boast in CNN.

buffett_warrenWarren Buffett was a huge supporter of Hillary and that could NOT have been about economic policies. It was, I believe, the simple fact that Hillary has always been for sale. Buffett had to suck it up and flip saying suddenly:

“I support any president of the United States. It’s very important that the American people coalesce behind the president.

That doesn’t mean they can’t criticize him or they can’t disagree with what he’s doing maybe.

But we need a country unified by a president. The legitimacy of the president and he deserves everybody’s respect.”

Buffett explained that people voted for Trump simply, because “They could easily feel they’ve seen Hillary for a long time. It’s very hard to get new hope about somebody who perhaps you’ve formed a negative opinion on.” He further added, “You got to be behind the president” and that he is “100% optimistic about America.”


Goldman Sachs; CEO Loyd Blankfein now says Trump’s plans may be good for economic growth. Previously, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. joined Credit Suisse Group AG and Northern Trust Corp. in warning or restricting employees regarding political donations to avoid violating the federal pay-to-play rule giving anything to Trump. Of course all the bankers in NYC were supporting Hillary along with George Soros who seems to support Marxist candidates and not free enterprise. Very strange.

I have made it absolutely clear that there was a major CONSPIRACY between Hillary, DNC and mainstream media. They raise Trump intentionally, and then tried to burn him to the ground. What is emerging has been how the Democrats have been manipulated and played for fools all to further the Clinton corruption machine.