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Trump – Paul – Debate

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QUESTION: Marty; What did you think of Trump and Rand Paul in the debate?



ANSWER: I felt Trump held his own. The moderators were biased and starting the pretend debate by asking who will pledge not to run independently illustrates that they were speaking as the party line rather than an as unbiased moderators. They introduced questions involving God that were inappropriate for if there is no separation between church and state, then we are no different from Iran. Freedom of religion must include the freedom from any religion. If the majority of Americans become Muslim, then would it be appropriate to suppress Christians? This is a dangerous and inappropriate path to hell. It was the religious right of the Puritans who beheaded Charles I and inspired the English Revolution. When the Protestants rose up against the Puritans, they fled to the USA and became our Pilgrims.

Rand Paul, on the other hand, showed that he could not stand up to Christie. He revealed a lack of passion and commitment and that showed he was not really a leader. Very disappointing.


One year is a lifetime in politics, and it will be interesting to see what happens as the economy worsens. Trump may become stronger. He even mentioned his ability to buy politicians, such as Hillary, whom he paid to attend his wedding. The fact that he is running on his own money is a huge plus. He may shake up Washington and the political establishment. His independence may fulfill that third party spike.


Trump is bringing into the fold people who have never bothered to vote before. So our computer may be correct even on that forecast where the voter turnout should rise sharply.