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The Real Story at Hampshire College

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Chicago is where they dragged a man out of his car and beat him because he voted for Trump. Well, what’s going on at Hampshire certainly also gives us some pause. According to reliable sources there are some really serious issues brewing at this college. A group of Hampshire students took down the American flag on campus the day after the election and burned it. To cover-up that act, the college allegedly raised a new flag at half-mast to reflect their dissatisfaction with the election. The college said this was in response to the escalating number of news reports from across the country over recent months and years of hate speech, harassment, and violence against people of color, immigrants, international citizens, and Muslims. The college then said they lowered the flag in respect of veterans, who have since protested that cover-up. One former student who supported Trump was banned from the school’s alumni board. The school then tried to claim he was not on their list of alumni. When others chimed in and said he was, they restored his access to the blog. However, current students showed real hate speech by calling him a Nazi. He was then blocked again and thrown off the blog.

The college allowed the flag to remain at half-staff to honor the students’ expression and to facilitate a campus dialogue. They should be stripped of ALL federal aid. The college did nothing to support unity and allowed the pro-Hillary activists to bully and dominate the agenda by threatening anyone who disagreed. They hurled hate-speech in protest of what they claimed was hate-speech. The definition of hate-speech seems to be anything they disagree with.

“Sometime overnight the campus flag was burned. The College does not know who burned the flag, whether it was burned by one or more students or others. The incident is still under investigation by campus police,” the college admitted.

The college was forced to claim the flag burning is under investigation. Meanwhile, the current students are clearly predominantly socialists who claim to despise Trump so they engage in hate-speech and bully any student who disagrees with their agenda. Parents are paying over $60,000 a year to brainwash their kids into intolerant Socialists.


The students who burned the flag in support of Hillary are obviously wasting the national resources since they are too stupid to research who made their student loans non-dischargeable in bankruptcy — Oops! The Clintons!

Clearly, the students who protested and burned the flag are probably on financial aid and a large portion of the college is funded by the federal grants system that they protested against. Since the college and the current student class refuse to respect our country, they should be disqualified for financial aid as of the spring term 2017. Let the students who do want to really learn go to another college that is less political. If I had kids there, they would be out.

This, unfortunately, is setting the stage for the breakup of the United States going into 2036. This divide between left and right is becoming huge — bigger than the Grand Canyon.