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The Press & Yellow Journalism & Trump

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COMMENT: Marty; When they locked you up I read it somewhere that you were the man who knew too much. Your latest piece “Why the Republican Neoconservatives Really Support Hillary” could not have been written by someone from the outside looking in. Why do you not advise Trump?

REPLY: They would twist my stand against the banks as a detriment for Trump as if he is not controversial enough. I have other things to do. I made a choice long ago between trying to move government from the inside or just trying to move from the outside in. Working on the inside taught me a lot. I met so many people in the headlines today I cannot count them all. I have been to political diners and testified before Congress. Trying to make a difference inside is a fools game. It cannot be done.

Pulitzer JosephFeel free to send that piece to the Trump campaign. If he articulated the real battle of nation-building as the criteria for being “conservative” (not economic), he might be able to turn the tide. But I seriously doubt that the press will cover it. This has become a real war, but it is mainstream press against the people.

This is no different than the press war between Pulitzer and Hearst who started the Spanish American War to sell papers when the sinking of the Maine was never an act of war but an accident. This is why Pulitzer tried to reshape his image after death taking his blood money and creating the Pulitzer Prize. It is ironic that the most prestigious prize in journalism is named by the father of Yellow Journalism.