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The Press’ Hatred of Trump

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FOX News Political Debate

It is interesting to watch just how upset the press is about Donald Trump. The latest poll shows that 60% of the women in the Republican Party support Trump. The press is just beside themselves after Fox News’ Megyn Kelly tried so desperately to paint Trump as anti-women. That has come back to haunt her for the more the media tries to make sure we have establishment candidates only, the higher Trump rises in the polls. According to a CNN Poll, Trump has 24%, Bush 13%, with Carson at 9%. The FOX News Poll has Trump at 25%, Carson at 12%, and Bush at 9%.

It is very early in the game. When the economy turns down, we should have one year into that trend before the elections. Hillary has had to turn over the server, and if it is scrubbed, she may indeed have a criminal problem. The company that held her server probably has a backup, and if the 31,000 emails are recoverable which she erased, oh boy! They just may reveal her deals with foreign countries in return for donations to her charity. OOPS! Ah ha! Biden to the rescue.

Hillary’s Emails 31,000 recipes, yoga instructions and other totally unrelated rantings which is why they had to be destroyed for top secret purposes.