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An Overview of the Political Storm

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Trump and Sanders have a lot more in common than people suspect. What is Bernie saying at the core? He needs a revolution to get most of what he is talking about passed. While he is misguided with attacking the “rich” whom the tax code defines as anyone earning $250,000 in “household” income (i.e. not Warren Buffet) he does hit the nail on the head by stating that the first thing that needs to be implemented is campaign finance reform. What he is pointing at is really career politicians who sell their souls to special interests (like Goldman Sachs) to vote for their agenda in order to maintain their jobs.

Either one would give Congress a hard time. Trump would be better insofar as he will not sign whatever tax bill is before him. Bernie would sign any tax bill that targets the so-called “rich” and he would destroy jobs for the youth for it is SMALL BUSINESS that creates 70% of all jobs – not big corporations.

If neither one wins the election, we are looking at a complete collapse by the 2018 election. Congress will not reform without a gun pointed to its head, and the economy is going to do just that beginning in 2017.