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The Media is Ensuring the Destruction of Western Society

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COMMENT:  In the recent presidential debate, Clinton boasted of her 30 years of PUBLIC service. Trump spoke of the Clintons having a personal fortune of $250M. If this fortune was made during her and her husbands PUBLIC service, in what way did they really serve the public. I just don’t get it …. I don’t understand why this is not the primary focus of Trump – that Clinton and co are enriching themselves by trading on inside information. This is the whole problem of the Washington crowd … this would resonate with the average person who is struggling to make ends meet.


REPLY: Trump could really do a better job. But the media is bought and paid for and Capitol Hill is just corrupt. They will steal the election from Trump and that will probably lead to a major backlash for 2018, as took place in Scotland. They are just not about to allow any outsider into their private sandbox. The speaking fees Clinton gets are off the charts. It is amazing how many people cheer her just because she is a woman and could care less about the country. This is no longer about substance (not that Trump is really substance either), this is down to the fact that nobody qualified wants to even get near this mess. The press will tear you apart. They have conspired against the people and this will be their own doom.