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The Election That Would Never End – It’s Over – Trump Won

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Donald Trump has officially obtained the required 270 electoral votes to become president. Not all state have yet announced, but Texas put Trump over the 270 required. The Hollywood crowd who tried to intimidate electors as well as the nation even offering to pay the fines of electors risking Civil War to get their way, have lost.

State Rep. Christina Hagan, R-Marlboro Township, announced she would resign as an elector when the Hillary supporters desperately filed a lawsuit alleging that the Ohio Constitution prohibits a state legislator from serving as a presidential elector. Hagan responded that she was being subjected to “obvious display of partisan and extreme political bullying” and to resolve any potential frivolous lawsuits from moving forward, she resigned. The deep hatred emerging from the left is astonishing and highly dangerous. Previously,  State Rep. Kirk Schuring, R-Jackson Township, also served as an elector for George W. Bush back in 2004 when he was a state senator. That was not considered illegal or unconstitutional. The Hillary supporters refuse to let this go as every election up to 2016 has proven both sides accept the result and move on.