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The Republican Convention in Review

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Trump Convention

Those in the establishment are truly beside themselves. People like Jon Stewart are bashing Trump supporters saying, “You Don’t Own America,” which means only one thing — shut up and let the rest of us control government as we always have. The Trump supporters are the main backbone of America who have been ignored, lied to, and abused in every possible way.

Taxation is rising, real wages are down, and the people have been stripped of their liberty in education as well as healthcare. Student loans were deemed non-dischargeable in bankruptcy, and banks want parents to co-sign, meaning they now have their homes. Yes, they do not own America, Jon, because the bankers do. The bankers keep the media in place and the politicians in office with their bribes. They are “too big to jail” so they get to do whatever they want — and these are the people who “own America” right now.

Other Republicans held their “other” convention after refusing to support the party. People like Mitt Romney are doing their most to keep things as they are and would prefer Hillary to ensure nothing changes. Reuters reported how the big donors, banks mainly, labelled as “corporate” would not donate even $15,000 for food. So indeed, the Trump supporters do not own America.

Nevertheless, as things progress and the bankers pour money into Hillary, this could have an interesting outcome. Nigel Farage thanked Obama for going to London to tell them to get to the back or the que, which really pissed off the Brits. This pouring of money from the worst of the worst to Hillary just may backfire at the end of the day.

Peter Tiel ConventionCruz-1

The campaign is very interesting. You have Trump pitched as the “non-politician” against the establishment of crooked politicians led by Hillary. It is amazing to watch, especially since our computer projected a rise in independence for 2016. This is really over the top. Trump has remade the Republican Party like nobody would have ever thought possible. To see Ted Cruz get booed from the stage was spectacular.

It was amazing for someone like Peter Thiel to even address the Republican Convention and get a standing ovation after saying, “I am proud to be gay, I am proud to be a Republican, I am proud to be an American.”  There is absolutely no way such a person would have addressed the convention under John McCain or Mitt Romney. Trump’s daughter was his greatest asset. She runs the company alongside him, and plainly addressed Hillary’s feminist rhetoric stating that they employed more women executives at equal pay. She did more to take the wind out of Hillary’s argument but the media will never report that one for it goes against their agenda.

It does indeed appear that Trump has remade the party, which is something even I would not have thought possible just yet. However, it does show that the silent majority is starting to rise up and throw the bums like McCain and Romney out on their butts. The fact that they were not even there demonstrated their own arrogance. Cruz was delusional to think he could pitch to their people to be the president some day while wanting to rain on their parade by refusing to endorse Trump. I have said when I would go down to Capitol Hill and we would go out to lunch, Cruz would be there eating alone. Nobody ever liked the guy. Well, his wife can now go back to Goldman Sachs and he can repay their loan he forgot they gave him.

Police State

Trump said he would be the “law and order” guy. His emphasis on that so much was rather disturbing. Considering we already have 65 million people who have been charged with something in this this country, which is more than 25% of the 18+ population. The USA has 5% of the world’s population and 25% of the entire world’s prison population. Sorry, but something is seriously wrong. And Trump wants to increase this? Sorry, it is already insane.

China Currency Manipulor

On trade, Trump is out of touch with reality. China is not manipulating its currency. It has been wrongfully trying to support it, and they should let it float freely and that will end this rhetoric. What Trump does not get is that unions destroyed the vast majority of American manufacturing jobs and taxes did the rest. Just look at NYC. It was once the port of choice for shipping. The unions became insane and they drove the business to other US cities. Nothing takes place on the docks in NYC any more. Companies moving offshore did not cause that as it was just between cities.

To bring home manufacturing that restores high wages also means the price of what they manufacture will rise in proportion. To benefit the few, the majority will pay more. That is what socialism is all about. David Riccardo’s Comparative Advantage works. Sorry, but if people in China will work for less to produce the same quality, we should import that product and the displaced workers should get off their asses and improve their skills to stay with the evolution process in the economy.

The two fields that are now overcrowded are lawyers and doctors. So many people went into those fields to get rich and now the competition is insane. The space we are taking over in Florida is from a law firm that is sharply downsizing. Sorry, the economy is like a child and it is always evolving. To change laws so that manufacturing jobs return at an unsupportable high level is the same as creating more laws to criminally charge more people to keep lawyers in business.


A number of people have asked if I have been advising Trump because he was using the numbers I testified before Congress on with respect to corporate taxes. The answer is NO! Reducing corporate taxes to 15% will create a massive economic boom. There is about $2 trillion in corporate cash offshore. That would come home. Reducing the tax rate — AND ELIMINATING DIVIDEND TAXES — will create the biggest economic boom in history. It is insane that corporations pay income tax, and then pay a tax to payout a dividend, and then the shareholder pays income tax on the dividend. The Democrats w3ant to force the minimum wage to $15 by decree but that will only result in replacing workers with robots even faster. How about we eliminate personal income tax and return the nation to the way it was before we adopted Marxism in 1913. The nation did fine with indirect taxation.

We the People

So at the end of the day, Trump would be better than Hillary. However, there are still a lot of concerns. You can bet that now the bankers will be lining up to donate to Congressional members in the Republican Party as a hedge against Trump just in case they lose with Hillary. The bankers always win both sides of the isle.

So Jon Stewart is right, the Trump supporters do not own America — the bankers, politicians, and media do. That special elitist group have redefined “We the People” to include only them. That’s why Mitt Romey, McCain, and virtually every TV station except Fox (despite taking down their head on the very day of Trump’s acceptance speech) has been alongside Hillary and Obama to keep everything in its place. It has become them against the people.



So the computer shows that Trump should win. He already brought more voters to the primary than anyone has at any point in history. Then again, BREXIT was a huge turnout and we are projecting the same in the USA for this election.

Nevertheless, while we could see Trump reach the highest proportion of popular votes in history above the 60% level, we have to keep in mind that with the bankers, TV media moguls, and career politicians, the odds are stacked against a fair election. As Stalin said, “Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.”2000PRES

During the 2000 election, our computer showed that Gore should have won. Of course, the Supreme Court intervened and gave it to Bush. Nevertheless, our computer was extremely close and pushed a trifle over for Gore.

stalincountthevoteFat Lady Sings

So at the end of the day, the people will decide the 2016 election if the voter turnout is overwhelming. If there is a close election, then he who counts the votes elects the president. There has to be a major turnout for Trump to win. If he does, then we have the chaos of “law and order” intermixed with a trade war.
So, as they say, it ain’t over until the fat lady sings.