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Super Tuesday Results

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Trump took at least seven (possibly eight) states. Rubio won only Minnesota; Cruz won on religion, taking Texas and Oklahoma. If the people actually prevail, and that is a BIG “IF”, then it appears we will have Trump vs. Hillary. But the establishment Republicans do not appear to be willing to accept this result. Some Republicans are vowing to oppose Trump because it is their way or no way – very undemocratic. Senator Ben Sasse (R-Nebraska) is demanding a religious candidate. That is the same basic principle behind ISIS. If religion is the criteria, then there is no separation between church and state, which means there can be no rule of law. If one religion imposes their will upon the rest simply because they are the majority then they are displaying the exact behavior of ISIS. What if Bloomberg became president? Does the USA then only support Israel? Religion cannot play a role in politics at the national level. Local customs  are distinguished insofar as people can then move to what meets their own beliefs.

Then we have the problem of Trump being an outsider. The establishment does not want Trump in that office. They will do whatever they can to stop him. So we should not yet expect this to be simply a Republican vs. Democrat race. A third party cannot still be ruled out.

Here are the results posted by the New York Times

Super Tuesday Results Democrats Super Tuesday Results