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Soros & Many Hedge Funds Pouring Money into Hillary

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Federal Election Commission records show that hedge fund billionaire George Soros donated $343,400 to the Hillary Victory Fund and poured a whopping $7 million into Priorities USA, the Super Pac supporting Hillary to further her occupation of the Oval Office. Donald Sussman of Paloma Partners also gave $343,400 to the Hillary Victory Fund and donated $2.5 million to Priorities USA. The records show that James Simons, the billionaire founder of hedge fund Renaissance Technologies, delivered huge amounts to the Super Pac. Jay T. Snyder of HBJ Investments, a private equity firm, dropped over $300,000 in the Hillary Victory Fund as well. Many other hedge fund operators have also donated to Hillary’s campaign.

This demonstrates that Hillary is by no means going to help society. These people would not be donating to her if they thought she would be going after Wall Street. The list of donors to Hillary should provide a good list of people you better keep an eye on very closely in a Clinton White House. Last time, the Clintons repealed Glass-Steagall and handed the students to the bankers by eliminating their right to ever declare bankruptcy. So you can bet these people are funding the next crisis.