Rule 40(b): Republicans Set the Stage to Select the Establishment Candidate

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As expected, the Republican Party will not follow the candidate who the people select in the primaries. Rule 40(b), which requires a presidential candidate to win eight states to qualify for the nomination, has been scrapped for the upcoming convention in Cleveland. Rule 40(b) was a special rule to prevent Ron Paul’s name from being introduced. Under the present circumstances, the very rule used to put Mitt Romney in the candidate slot would prevent anyone but Trump from being the candidate.

Rule 40(b) only applied to the 2012 Republican Convention in Tampa, Florida, that nominated former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. The chairman is trying to pretend that the delegates pick the nominee, but if they can stop Trump on the first ballot then they are free to vote for whoever they want, which nullifies the entire primary process.

The ceiling will start to crumble when the American people see that their votes do not really count. The establishment picks the nominee — not the people. They will try to do their best to pretend this is a democratic process, but if anyone other than Trump becomes the candidate it will prove that the right to vote is meaningless.