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Republican v Democrats – Is Something Really Changing?

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Hillary Laughing

There is another aspect to the 2016 presidential election that seems to be missing from discussions. There the very basic fundamental issue concerning Hillary Clinton’s emails, since her erasing such emails was clearly an obstruction of justice. The Justice Department gave IMMUNITY for such a crime to Paul Combetta, who erased Hillary’s emails. Bryan Pagliano, her former campaign staff member in the 2008 presidential campaign, was also granted IMMUNITY in exchange for answering questions about how he set up her server. Given the fact that Frank Quatrone of First Boston was charged and tried for obstruction of justice for writing one email to tell staff to clear up their files, there is no doubt that Hillary should have been charged criminally for at least obstruction of justice. So that being a fact, then this brings into question the members of the Democratic Party on Capitol Hill who have been protecting and defending Hillary, who would also be guilty of CONSPIRACY. Hence, this calls into question the integrity of the entire Democratic Party.

Ryan Paul

Now in the Republican Party, we have the neoconservatives who are really supporting Hillary to protect their own power against an outsider. In a corporate atmosphere, this would mean that they too would be at risk of being co-conspirators. This begs the question, has 2016 simply exposed the truth about Washington?

There is all the craziness of Donald Trump. There is the strange body count that surrounds Hillary that fuels other conspiracies, such as Vince Foster and Seth Rich who were perhaps murdered for being involved in releasing the Democratic Party’s emails. Disgruntled Bernie supporters who could have called him to testify are suing the Democratic Party.

Now an amazing 68% of the people believe Hillary is dishonest. This is really shocking. She holds the world record for the most distrusted person to seek the office of President of the United States and the free world, as they like to say. This is appalling to put it mildly.



So is there any light at the end of this political tunnel? Perhaps a stairway leading out of this political hell? For all the arrows and critics targeting Donald Trump, win, lose, or draw. There may be another issue here. Trump has brought in more people than anyone to the Republican Party, but they are not the “real Republicans” of Paul Ryan’s brand. They are more Libertarian.

What Trump has done, unwittingly, is remade the Republican Party. The “elites” are backing Hillary to retain their power, which exposes how corrupt they are.

At the end of the day, we may end up with the House cleaning out the Republicans to transform the party into Libertarians by purging the old, hardline corrupt people like John McCain and Paul Ryan.

By 2018, we just may see a completely different party forged out of the collapse of both the Democrats and Republicans we have come to know.