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Republican Party Self-Destructing to Maintain the Corruption of the Elite

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The Republican Party is in self-destruct mode. Even the most recent polls show that 76% of Republicans think the party is hopelessly divided. This is clearly the result of the career politicians who prefer Hillary and the status-quo to any outsider coming in to upset the apple cart. This is a very serious development, for the old elite guard want war to divert the American people to maintain their control of a very corrupt system.


The vicious attacks by the Republican elite upon Trump demonstrate that their self-interest and corruption comes before the country. Never before in history has a party worked so hard to undermine its own candidate. The trend for the Republicans in the Senate looks rather poor and we will see a sharp tax increase under the Democrats for Social Security goes negative next year. This appears to be setting up the stage for the worst possible outcome for party politics in 2018 where we just may see Congress entirely overthrown as took place in Scotland.