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Republican Party Civil War of Self-Destruction

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As we head into 2017, we are looking at the entire world coming undone at the seams. The year 2017 will be the political year from hell because the trend that is unfolding is global. The establishment Republicans are fighting for control of the party to ensure Trump does not get the nomination. Some even talk about banning him from all future debates. Then the latest catch phrase they use to attack Trump is that he is “no conservative.” That begs the question, if they are conservative, then why does the deficit continue to rise? They failed to downsize government, they support every war effort, and they supported every tax increase right down to FATCA. John McCain supported applying taxes to the internet and then denied he was raising taxes by saying he was just enforcing taxes already due. So if this is conservative, then the last Republican I saw was really a Democrat in drag. Make no mistake about it: this will drive markets completely nuts as we move into 2018. So pay attention to politics. This is the collapse of government right before your eyes.

The truth is that these career Republicans like things as they are. The problem is not that Trump is not a conservative; the problem is he is an outsider. These career Republicans want the status-quo and no outsider to upset the applecart. Behind the curtain, make no mistake about it: THEY PREFER HILLARY TO TRUMP. Why? Because Hillary is one of “them” and will never upset the elite status of Washington politicians. The bankers also own Hillary, just as Cruz’s wife works at Goldman Sachs. The NY bankers own both sides of the aisle.

Romney will lead the charge of Republicans against Trump, yet he will stop short of endorsing anyone else. While the Republican Party leadership could make more progress if they focused on building bridges rather than burning them down, this is about them retaining power against an outsider. They have no interest in reforming Washington, no less the country. It’s just fine as it is.


Our model has been warning about the rise of a third party for 2016 or some anti-establishment movement. It is by no means out of the question to see a third party candidate. It seems the elite Republicans want Trump to exit the Republican Party and become an Independent, for they would rather hand it all to Hillary to ensure their rank and political status. They fear Trump will be an outsider who will trim the sails of government and reduce wasteful spending that feeds their friends and family. It is just too much for them to accept.


We have warned that if there were to be a third party, it would come from a split in the Republicans and not the Democrats. There is a civil war brewing within the Republican Party and we must accept the fact that the party may very well self-destruct. The corruption in politics is far too great for these people to have any national sense of “representing” the people rather than their own self-interests. So it does not matter who it might be. Even if Trump were driven out of the Republican Party, we are looking at Trump 3.0 come the 2018 election cycle, and that will devastate Congress itself. We are looking at a huge spike in overthrown career politicians in 2018 in Congress. That will not be Trump — it will be an army of Trumps.

2017-Budget Deficit

The establishment politicians are too busy trying to defeat Trump to bother to address the real crisis that hits next year. This is their own projection. The deficits will explode in 2017 and they will respond with raising taxes. So if Trump is NOT elected, we will see Trump say, “SEE I TOLD YOU SO!” That will set the stage even more for the wholesale overturn of Congress in 2018.

Tax Robbery

At the end of the day, this is driving a stake in the heart of CONFIDENCE. As this materializes, it will help to destabilize the markets and then we will begin to see the Slingshot. That requires a collapse in CONFIDENCE within government. We will begin to see things materialize once we crack that level of CONFIDENCE where the majority assumes government is there to protect them rather than shake the money from their pockets.

This is the essence of a Slingshot move. This is precisely the type of self-destruction that will cause the world economy to implode. It is all about them. Like the Troika in Europe, there is no intent on ever reforming government. They assume they can force everyone to do what they demand. Sorry, they are just wrong.