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Political Corruption Sanctioned by Mainstream Press?

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The press is cleverly twisting the Hillary e-mail scandal to her benefit by narrowing their focus on what qualifies as “secret” instead of the fact that she conducted all national security business from her private e-mail server to avoid getting subpoenaed. There is no question whatsoever from a legal perspective that what Hillary did was outright criminal and conducting the business of the Secretary of State from a private server from which she then deleted 31,000 emails was at minimum obstruction of justice if not treason to the United States.

What Hillary did was far more direct treason than what Edward Snowden was accused of. Even Snowden has come out and stated bluntly that others go to jail for what Hillary did. How can Hillary claim privacy when she and the Obama Administration have supported the grabbing of every email by the NSA? Why has the press not demanded the NSA turnover all the emails Hillary erased when they have everything?

Woodward Bernstein

Where in mainstream media is our Woodward & Bernstein? Are we totally lacking anyone in the media with the guts to do what they were supposed to do? We seem to be looking at more than just the corruption of politics, it has infected the media and downgraded everything to a biased slant. The repeal of the Fairness Doctrine has steered the press into a political tool for propaganda.

How about the confidential e-mails concerning Hillary’s brother who got a unique gold mining contract from Haiti after Hillary approved billions from the State Department? The press is all over Trump, desperately trying to prevent him from running, while they remain silent on the internal corruption going on in the White House. How about Joe Biden’s son getting the contract from Ukraine? Sure the press has reported such individual stories, but there is nobody putting it together to challenge Hillary or demand her banishment as they did with Richard Nixon. Can you imagine what the press would have done if Nixon said screw you, I erased half the tapes because they were personal in my own judgment?

Even Barnie Frank, who oversaw the investigation into the collapse of real estate and Fannie Mae, was deeply involved in Fannie Mae and has placed the equivalent of his ex-wife Herb Moses high up in the agency. Frank and Moses back in 1992 told the Wall Street Journal that they took pains to avoid any conflicts of interest when Frank oversaw the agency run by his effective wife.

Outside of politics, a conflict of interest is broadly determined and includes one’s family. I could not accept payments from a company funneled to a family member and pretend I receive nothing. I advised on numerous takeovers and could not even have a stock account nor any family member. The real world does not work that way, but politicians exempt themselves from ethics applied to the rest of society.


Where is the press with ANY integrity? This is why people are rallying behind Trump because they also do not trust the press. The more the press focus on trying to stop Trump, the more the people support him. Trump is becoming a huge protest vote and may be the only way to shake up Washington and the Press.

The press’ total failure to report on these issues or family corruption not only disgraces the press, but it undermines their alleged position as a trustworthy independent check and balance. The Clinton Foundation also has their daughter involved. Stop reporting the individual issues and connect the dots.