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Outrageous Reports of Republicans Engaged in Voter Fraud to Stop Trump

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Voter Fraud

Widespread polling booth and ballot malfunctions in several states bring into question the integrity of our voting system. By lunchtime on Super Tuesday, Election Protection, a nonpartisan coalition of groups that run election-day hotlines, said their hotline had received more than 1,000 calls. The majority of calls came from Alabama, Georgia, and Texas.

Voters in Williamson County, Texas, reported to KLBJ Radio that voting rigged voting machines switched their vote from Trump to Rubio or another candidate. This is creating distrust in our voting system. Marco Rubio won Williamson County, Texas, with 37% of the county’s vote versus the 18% he received statewide.

We are in meltdown mode. The Republicans are out to stop Trump at all costs and want to rob him of the nomination. We can expect the polls to be rigged and they may very well try to broker the election by combining all other delegates to one person. What many establishment politicians now want is for Cruz and Rubio to just gather delegates and rig the machines if they have to, and then combine everyone’s delegates to the first ballot to stop Trump. If they can accomplish that, then Trump will lose his delegates and they will then be free to vote for whoever they want after the first ballot.

This is becoming a real civil war with the establishment Republicans against the people. This does not look like it will end nicely. Be prepared for some really wild rides ahead. This may end up as the main fundamental behind a Slingshot move that unfolds as confidence in government collapses.