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Our Computer Beat the Polls & it Called the Highest Turnout

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The total number of registered voters in the USA was 146,311,000 and the total ballots counted 128,843,000. In other words, 88% of registered voters voted. This is a record high historically or just about a revolution without guns. Even looking at the 231,556,622 who were eligible to register, that is 55.6%. Of course, Hillary had REFUSED to concede this election. Her whole life has been geared to be the first woman president. Every dollar she has stolen and finagled was directed at making her president. She remains in a state of total shock.


NOBODY who has EVER run for President has refused to deliver a concession speech for so long with this much against them. This illustrates how Hillary cannot believe all the rigging was not enough. Trump has won the electoral college and there is argument that he may lose the popular vote when they finish counting. Hillary’s campaign chairman John Podesta said.

“Several states are too close to call, so we’re not going to have anything more to say tonight” at 2am Eastern Time. Around. CNN reported that Clinton had phoned Trump to congratulate him at 2:40AM.

It hasn’t taken this long to deliver a concession speech in a presidential race since 2004 when John Kerry conceded the afternoon after polling day. In 2000, of course, Al Gore took more than a month to concede after an aborted recount and Supreme Court ruling.

This is indeed the biggest “F–K YOU” vote in American History. The computer called this one right just like it did Catalonia would voted to separate from Spain, BREXIT, and now the US Election. It has amazed me personally. Even when I have questioned will be it right because the corruption is so high, it was correct that to accomplish that result it had to be a record turnout both in BREXIT and in the USA.

This is a major revolution to take our liberty back from the career politicians. What is more important is that the Republicans took the Senate and House, but with a lot of new faced riding the coattails of Trump. So they will help him push back against the establishment. Many young girls were concerned for they did not like Hillary saying they are “equal” and should be drafted in time of war. Hopefully, the feminist agenda will now die with her.

For all those emailing in for bet on Trump with 7:1 odds based on Socrates – Great Trade. Congrats!