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One Reason Not to Vote Republican

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The political elites do not like Trump or ANY outsider. Now, top Republican Party officials are actually discussing the possibility of a brokered convention — a DICTATORSHIP — where the choice of the people will have no input. Since Trump is leading in double digits against all career politicians, the only way for Washington and the press to maintain their power base is to usurp the entire election process and DECLARE who they would like to be president. Screw the people, as always. It is not much different from the Soviet Union of Europe where the people have NO RIGHT to vote for the three member heads of the Troika whom destroy their lives.


I have warned that the Republican Party is always the one to split. The last time was with Teddy Roosevelt who split to create the Progressive Party. At a monthly dinner meeting in Washington, the Republican Party ELITES, who look down upon the rest of us as scum, decided it would be “prudent” to plan for a contested convention, which they will most likely rig so they can install their own choice against that of the people.

Democracy is dying EVERYWHERE. This is right in line with what our computer has been warning. It is a shame that you cannot buy an ETF short on politicians or parties. This one might be a good short. If they have the audacity to pull this one off, then I do hope Trump and Carson move to a third party. That would be the ONLY hope we have at softening the collapse of our system for NO CAREER politicians will ever say, “Hey. This is debt crisis and raising taxes with negative interest rates is destroying everything. Whose idea was this anyhow?”

Yes, Trump says some stupid things now and then. But he will change his mind as anyone else from the real world. Career politicians will destroy everything by trying to force an outcome that is economically insane like the Euro, Syria, and countless others.