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October Surprise – Hillary FIRST, America SECOND

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Hillary Cartoon

The Hillary Clinton email scandal never ends. In all reality, one has to really question why Democrats are allowing her to run as their candidate. They seem to be making a choice between being a Democrat and being an American. Hillary’s email practices will not go away because most reasonable people know that you do not destroy 50% of your emails, while claiming they are all personal, when you are taking money from foreign governments. The disclosure last month that the FBI collected nearly 15,000 new emails that Hillary failed to turn over during the initial investigation is just mind-blowing.

At first, the near 15,000 emails Hillary did not “voluntarily” turn over to the State Department were to be released just weeks before the election in November. However, a federal judge ordered the State Department to finish preparing roughly 1,000 pages of Hillary Clinton’s emails for release by November 4, allowing a cover-up of critical emails that could determine the election. The FBI discovered the hidden cache of 14,900 emails by scouring Mrs. Clinton’s server and the computer archives of government officials with whom she corresponded. Delaying this release until after the election would result in a massive political disturbance. This may cause tremendous political chaos that could paralyze any new government should she win.


Never before in history has any potential candidate been so compromised and continued to stand for election. In her mind, screw the world and the country. This is all about Hillary being the first woman president. Anyone else would put their country first and step aside. Nixon stepped down and put the country first. Dominique Strauss-Kahn resigned as head of IMF, saying he wanted to devote “all his energy” to battle the sexual assault charges he faced in New York. He was cleared, but put even the IMF before himself. Neither Hillary nor Christine Lagarde will do the honorable thing for this is a personal ego trip for both.

Furthermore, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has promised to release more damning emails regarding the Clinton Foundation. The Democrats are now trembling in fear that this could lead to an “October surprise” for the Hillary Clinton campaign. Indeed, it ain’t over until the fat lady sings.