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Nixon v Hillary

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Richard Nixon was accused of being corrupt because some supporters back in the 1950s set up a fund he could use for political purposes. When it came out about this fund, it was touted as corruption. Nixon’s political career was on the line. He was chosen as Vice President by Ike who was a general and felt he needed a political running mate.

At the time,  then Senator Richard Nixon gave his famous Checkers speech on September 23, 1952. Nixon exposed every account, what he made, and what he owed. He said his wife did not own a mink coat like the Democrats. He went directly to the people to dispel the false rumors. He said the only gift he ever took was a puppy for his children then named checkers. He said he would not return that dog and take it away from his children regardless of the allegation it was a political gift.

Nixon then stood up on National TV and said that the people should send in telegrams to vote should he stay on the ticket or resign. He promised to abide by that public vote. The nation overwhelmingly said stay. Adlai Stevenson ran also trying to paint that Nixon was dangerous. His 1952 campaign ads were all about he would create peace  where as Ike was a soldier who wages war. Nixon, he said, was very dangerous because he was for law and order and would turn America into a police state.

Hillary Watergate

Since Hillary worked hard to try to imprison Nixon on the Watergate Commission, what she has done with one scandal after another is pile one lie upon another. She would never do what Nixon did – go on TV and show everything she owns and owes, where it all came from, and then vow that she has the integrity not to run for more personal gain if the people feel she has not told the truth.