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New York Times Partly Responsible for the Violence

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New York Times Publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. has admitted that his paper was unconstitutionally biased and disgraced the very principle of the First Amendment. Sulzberger tries to cover-up their bias by saying they underestimated Donald Trump’s support among American voters. He then claimed they would “rededicate ourselves” to the newspaper’s standards of “honestly” reporting news. If the New York Times was not trying to manipulate the people and had dedicated itself to REPORTING the new instead of trying to turn the paper into a propaganda machine, there would have been no need to “rededicate” themselves. Of course, once any organization walks down the path of corruption there is no turning back. The biased corruption will NEVER change without firing everyone who participated in writing such stories. They will always try to vindicate their past by misrepresenting facts in the future.

We now face a revolution from the youth all because of the press who conspired with Hillary to manipulate the elections. The New York Times demonized Trump in an attempt to finish him off and hand the throne to Hillary, even after being the first to report the whole email scandal. The New York Times painted Trump supporters as violent degenerates who were homophobic, sexist, racist rednecks, which basically demonized more than 50% of the American people.

Hillary and her bought and paid for press counted on a huge Spanish vote to carry her to the crown. But Trump won even in Miami, despite the fact that virtually 99% of all newspapers endorsed Hillary. Now these same newspapers have blood on their hands for the rhetoric they have set forth in demonizing Trump and 50% of Americans. This is creating the deepest divide this nation has ever seen since the Civil War.