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Monday Night Presidential Debate – The Defining Moment? Will Democrats Choose between being American or a Democrat?

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QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Does you computer still project a Trump victory? It is beginning to look like it might be right.

ANSWER: Yes. It does not change. It projected that many years ago and it projected a rise in this anti-establishment/3rd Party movement would begin in 2016 following the 2015.75 turning point. It will not change based upon some new event. This is not me projecting my opinion. A lot of people have opinions – the talking heads of TV as people call them. As I have stated before, it is when the vote is extremely close that voter fraud can alter the result. That was the case with Bush-Gore election. The Supreme Court gave it to Bush but in the end, Gore should have won when the vote was counted.


We should see this election with a big turnout much the same as BREXIT. Donald Trump has taken nearly $ 100 million in just three months by small donations – more than any Republican before ever in history. That is actually more than two million donors supporting Trump than support his rival Hillary. Hillary takes the money from the elite like Goldman Sachs and Soros, as well as countless banks and hedge funds. They OWN Hillary and she outspends Trump. If we look at this measurement, the PEOPLE are lining up behind Trump more than Hillary. If Trump wins, this may also illustrate that getting all this money from banks and hedge funds to manipulate the people has failed.



This is the data that PROVES this is not my opinion. We have been showing these charts at conferences all the time. Our target has ALWAYS been 2016. This is not some fashionable forecast we just made up.

US Pres Electorial College

This is the view from the Electorial College.Note the blue line (Democrats) against the red line (Republicans). Look at how the Democrats peaked with the Great Depression and have been making lower high ever since. That is the classic bear market definition. Now look at the red line. You see higher high all the way into the 1990s. We may see the demise of the Democratic Party because it is clear, those in power in Washington are Democrat BEFORE they are American. They have made their choice to support Hillary regardless of what she has done. Therefore, they are Democrats FIRST and perhaps Americans even in third place after self-interest.

The Republican Party was infiltrated with the old right-wing Southern Democrats who pushed Reagan into the White House. They are now against Trump and turning back to Hillary because they want to invade other countries and rule the world – Nation Building. Trump has remade the Party so it has changed back to its pre-Reagan base. The Democrats were the party of Andrew Jackson who was the slave owner who did abuse his slaves and they remade themselves to fool the black community that they were their champions. It was amazing that they remade themselves. Hillary still claims she represents the poor minorities, calls people “Jew Bastard” and takes money from Saudi Arabia who is against women’s rights and gays. She claims to be against Wall Street, but the majority of her money comes from bankers and hedge funds.

That is the bottom-line. Just look at the donations and you see Trump has more LITTLE PEOPLE than Hillary. People vote, not hedge funds and banks. We will see. The debate tonight may be the defining moment. Our models on market have long been projecting September as a turning point followed by the next big one in January in many markets.