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Lewis & Media Do Not Even Understand Why there is the Electoral College

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Lewis John

QUESTION: Marty; I find Lewis very disrespectful saying Trump is not the legitimate president. He might have been involved in the civil rights movement, but he is coming off as one of these intolerables who regards anyone who voted for Trump a deplorable. I am very disappointed in him at this point. Any comment?

ANSWER: I agree. Hillary won the popular vote ONLY because of California. Remove that one state and Trump won the popular vote of the rest of the country. That should give pause and reason why California should just separate and become its own country. It has completely different values than the rest of the country as a whole not to mention the highest taxes and with a budget deficit, their taxes will soon surpass the worst socialists in Europe. Pretty State. I have a lot of friends there. But it is time to leave. The Gold Rush is over.Adams John Quincy 1843

jackson-andrewI do not understand John Lewis and how he can even be in Congress and not understand that the Electoral College protects the majority of States from being subjugated by just one State. He is a Democrat and that Party was founded by the slave owner Andrew Jackson because he won the popular vote and lost the Electoral College to John Quincy Adams. Historically, it is not the first time this has taken place. Jackson split and formed the Democratic Party because of that.

So in Lewis’ mind, Adams, Hayes, Harrison, and Bush were all not legitimate presidents and should be removed from the history books? He is just so angry because the polls had them convinced Hillary would win and they cannot get over this! I do not get it. Such a statement by a Congressman is reckless and he should apologize. He is attacking the very structure of the country and saying the Constitution is a scrap of paper that does not have any meaning because the Democrats lost.

John Lewis’ comment is what you would expect of someone ignorant of the basic fact that this is the “United States” meaning each State is sovereign and that is the “UNION” for which Abraham Lincoln fought. So under Lewis’ reasoning, Jackson, the slave owner should have won, and he should have imposed the culture of the South on the rest of the nation and legalized slavery everywhere? That is what is being said because California did not get to dominate the country with its culture.

Lewis represents the Georgia congressional delegation. So if there is no Electoral College, then there should be no Senate for States should have no representation, and then what is Lewis actually representing? Georgia or just some group of people? And the media takes his position against Trump? Hello? Does anyone understand it is the Constitution you are attacking? This has become a bunch of 2-year olds stamping their feet and trying to break a toy because they refuse to share. About 25 Democrats are boycotting the inauguration. If I were Trump, their States and districts would fall to the bottom of the list for anything. Enough is enough.

Election Winner and party Runner-up and party
1824 Adams,John Quincy Adams DR   v  Jackson,Andrew Jackson DR
1876 Hayes,Rutherford Hayes          R   v  Tilden,Samuel Tilden D
1888 Harrison,Benjamin Harrison  R  v  Cleveland,Grover Cleveland D
2000 Bush,George W. Bush              R  v  Gore,Al Gore D
2016 Trump,Donald Trump              R  v  Clinton,Hillary Clinton D