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Is Trump Really the Answer?

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Well, of course not. NOBODY is willing to run for office that you would say is truly qualified. The other crazy aspect is that people really think electing a president could change something. Hillary is the corrupt politician gone wild. Not that she is the only one by far. She is just the poster-child for everything wrong in Washington. Can Trump stop the downfall? No possible way. He might slow the process a bit. He is an isolationist and is against NATION BUILDING, but that may prompt the Obama Administration to orchestrate a war with Russia BEFORE January.

wec-2016-peak-in-governmentSo the ONLY thing Trump might bring to the table is a veto pen. The other thing is sending a message to Washington that the party is over. It appears more like 2018 will be the watershed political upheaval in Congress regardless of who gets in. If they rig the election to prevent Trump from taking office one way or another (BOTH PARTIES AGREE ON THAT), then we will probably see a rise in civil unrest within the United States. November may be far more important than many suspect. This is why we made the WEC this year one week AFTER the elections.

So this is the card we have been dealt. They appear to be right on time. If there is a Trump victory, they may very well blame Putin rather than give up their power, even if Putin has nothing to do with it.