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If the Electoral College Voted for Hillary

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The proposal that the Electoral College should have voted for Hillary, thereby undermining the Constitutional structure of state v federal rights, was very serious. It demonstrates just how corrupt her followers can be willing to destroy everything to force their way upon the whole. This proposal would have destroyed the entire Constitution, and Hillary would have been marginalized by having both the Senate and House in Republican hands. Such a proposal is morally dishonest. Nevertheless, this type of insurrection could have brought the United States to the boiling point of civil war. The likelihood of such a proposal is not very high. It would effectively be TREASON against the entire country even if it were the other way around.

The Marxist v Liberty division in the United States is scary because such confrontations have ALWAYS led to millions of deaths. I would fight to the death against a Marxist takeover to retain freedom for my family and myself even though my days are less. As Patrick Henry said: “Give me Liberty; or give me Death.” This would be the only thing worth fighting for. When you look into the eyes of such people in power, all you see is a cold lifeless soul filled with hate who despise anyone in the private sector for they see you as the privileged they never were. They are typically the worst of the worst. The people looking to get even with the world for their own lack of talent.

The only fair solution in such a monumental confrontation sought by the youth is to split the United States as Rome split during the 3rd century. The blue states should have Hillary and the red states Trump; let the two philosophies of freedom and servitude separate forever for in the end it will be a confrontation of bloodshed. I for one certainly do not want to live under a socialist dictatorship in servitude, which is precisely what the protesting youth are seeking and do not comprehend what they are surrendering.

Those seeking a secure future may be pushed to leave America or suppressed into economic servitude in the very manner as Ayn Rand wrote of Russia in “Atlas Shrugged.” I for one would get my family out of here on the very first flight. I would not wait and assume it would all work out. The Jews who assumed it would eventually be OK died in the concentration camps. These people protesting are filled with hatred. NEVER underestimate such a feeling in a mob. They are ignorant of the corruption ushered in by the Clintons who unleashed the banks and handed them student loans to subjugate the youth into economic servitude. They want to rage against Trump, and fail to understand who even put them where they are today.