Hillary’s Scandals Causing Crash in Her Polls

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Ever since Comey laid out all the evidence on Hillary, her polls have been collapsing and she is now dead even with Trump. On top of that, the FBI investigators had to sign a gag order. What else are they covering up? Hillary’s email scandal is far bigger than most people realize. They point to her selling the country’s interest to the highest bidder to gather money for her pretend foundation and her determination to be the first woman president, which is so 1960s.

Is America ready for a hardcore feminist? Margaret Thatcher and Merkel never put forth some feminist agenda. Margaret relied upon her intelligence, not her gender. Anyone dealing with her instantly saw that. Hillary is still into the 1960s bra-burning era. One of her closest friends from college sent her a congratulatory note when she became first lady, saying she always knew that was where Hillary would end up and she was sorry she had to take the guy with her.

Most women under-45 are less impressed with the determination that Hillary wants to be the first woman president and look to qualifications rather than gender. Hillary has always had a reputation as a foul mouth, ruthless character. In fact, Hillary has been involved in far more scandals than any politician in history. Certainly, no first lady was ever engulfed in so much scandal from the instant she arrived in the White House with Travel Gate.

Hillary always had a reputation for having a foul mouth, but she also treated workers in the White House like slaves. Hillary was notorious for treating her detail like hired help. She even told a Secret Service agent who refused to carry her bag to “Get the f*** away from me!”

The rumor mill is flooded with so many people dead around Hillary and all had to testify in one way or another. There was even Mary Mahoney, a Clinton White House Intern, who was killed, execution style, at a Starbucks she was managing in 1997. However, she was not one of Bill’s sex toys – she was a lesbian.

Shortly after the Clintons entered the White House, I received a call from someone connected with the Secret Service. I was told an agent was patrolling the second floor and caught Hillary in bed with another woman. Hillary threw an ashtray at the agent and hit him in the head. I didn’t believe it. Then a piece made the press that noted that agents were no longer allowed to patrol the second floor since one was injured in the head.

Rumors like this have persisted to involve Hillary. You just never knew what to believe. Then, some 46 people close to the Clintons have ended up dead, which fuels the rumor mill right or wrong even more. With so much smoke, you just never knew who was behind setting the fire.


Clinton Vince Foster

Resignation letter of Miguel Rodriguez investor into Vince Foster death


The Vince Foster murder has never been publicly reviewed, despite the evidence discovered in the files of the National Archives and Records Administration. Here is Ken Starr’s lead prosecutor Miguel Rodriguez who submitted a two-page resignation letter and a 31-page memo about the injuries Foster sustained that were being covered-up. Rodriguez noted that the injuries around Foster’s neck were never reported in official government documents. Foster was to testify about Hillary and the two shared commodity trading accounts.

The latest curiosity is John Ashe who was scheduled to testify in court. Ashe received more than $1 billion in donations during his term as president of the U.N., and part of that money found its way to the Clintons. This has constantly stirred speculation that Hillary Clinton, or her handlers, are silencing people who know too much.

Whether this is true is almost beside the point. Rumors like this have constantly surrounded Hillary, and people know of her notorious “volcano-like” temper reported by former aides and Secret Service members. The sheer fact that such rumors circulate calls into question if there could ever be any confidence in Hillary as the claimed leader of the free world.