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Hillary’s Parkinson’s Disease – True or False?

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QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Does Hillary have health issues? This is the hot rumor that we do not know what is true of not. Do you have any information on this topic?

Thank you


ANSWER: No I do not have any direct confirmation. I know this is the big rumor and there is probably something that is true for Hillary refuses to release her medical records. Wikileaks has released emails where her staff were investigating drugs for Parkinson’s disease. Her fall, which clearly disrupted her vision, was certainly no minor event. She is on blood thinners for a clot in her brain. However, what I can say is that all my direct sources have long said she is violent and acts out of anger not reason. She would often get mad at Bill and gave him a black-eye one time for they were famous for fights. She hit a Secret Service staff and treated employees like dogs or slaves. Nobody I have spoken to has ever had a reassuring thing to say about her temperament to be president and that was before her fall.

Whether she has Parkinson’s disease is a valid question and her refusal to simply release her medical records are crucial for an office of this significance. Congress should pass a law immediately that there must be a medical examination that includes mental fitness. I have stated before that the Republicans use to have me meet with those who wanted to run for President. The potential candidate was told I was to there to brief them on how the world economy functioned. In truth, I was then asked my “opinion” if the person had the mental capacity to understand the complexity. I met with governors and others who wanted to run for President back in 1999. That’s when I was asked to meet with George Bush, Jr. but was told this one was “different, he’s really stupid.” I was shocked and asked why would they make someone “stupid” president? I was told he had the name. Ever since, it is no longer about selecting and backing good people. Today, it’s just about winning.

Keep in mind that Hillary had a “gutter mouth” long before she became first lady. When she was pushing her healthcare agenda before Congress that failed, her response to a question about small business should cause anyone to pause before voting for this woman. A statement before Congress that she would put small businesses out of business for they could never afford her plan was met with her response: “If they can’t afford it, they shouldn’t be in business!”