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Hillary’s Very Disturbing Emails Show Link to Google

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Hillary - Google

Hillary’s emails revealed that Google was involved in trying to overthrow Assad. Hillary was communicating with Google and asking them to assist in the region. WikiLeaks has published a searchable archive of Clinton’s emails. It now turns out that Hillary Clinton’s team and one of the company’s executives conspired to create a detailed plan for Google to get involved in the region. Traditionally, no party has won the White House three times in a row since FDR. A betting man would play the odds and say she will not receive the crown at her coronation.

Nonetheless, it has also come out that billionaire Eric Schmidt who is the executive chairman of Google’s parent-company Alphabet, has become a major technology supporter for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. More than just Schmidt backing Hillary, the Republicans are also working to ensure Hillary wins to keep their cushy positions. The Republicans are covertly staging constant protests against Trump to try to create violence to prevent people from voting for him. They have far too much to lose if Trump gets in the White House.

“Conservatism” died after Reagan. The Republicans caved in on every possible issue and the national debt stood at $1 trillion when Reagan was in office. With Republicans holding the White House for 12 years since Reagan left office, they can blame Clinton and Obama all they want, but they have done absolutely NOTHING to further “conservative” issues for the economy. So it is not that Donald Trump is the “spoiler” for the Republicans; he is their savior for they still get to expand government, mismanage our finances, and blame Democrats while doing absolutely nothing for the country – except banning anyone who supported Libertarian ideas and Ron Paul from sitting on any finance committee. That alone proved that “conservatism” died when Reagan left office.

It has been back to usual ever since Reagan left office. Now, Google seems to be playing the same game as Goldman Sachs. Looks like they too want to own a piece of the White House. Their assistance in Syria is raising a lot of red flags. Do we have another oligarchy rising?