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Will Hillary’s Criminal Activity End Her Career?

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Hillary’s “trust” rating nationally is 37% at best. No one with half a brain trusts her, but what the press is not reporting is rather stark. The White House controls the FBI; there is absolutely no possible way that the FBI would investigate Hillary during her Democratic run for the presidency when there is a Democratic White House.

Hillary clearly sold influence with foreign governments for donations to her charity. Then she rents beach mansions paying over $100,000 for two weeks, illustrating that she speaks of the poor and lives at the high-end of the spectrum. She is about as real as Santa Claus.

The Democrats see that they will not win with Hillary. There is no love lost between the Clintons and Obama. So, the FBI is probing because they need to prepare the way for her nosedive. Obama supports Biden, not Hillary. Therein lies the interesting aspect for 2016. It looks like revolution inside both parties. Will some third party emerge from the defections of each? Perhaps. Alternatively, it may be an outright internal war inside each party that the press has not yet reported on.