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Hillary Wages Gender War in Addition to Class and Race Wars

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Many readers keep writing in to ask what is my personal opinion with all the latest row centering on Trump and women. The Washington Post in digging up old tapes of Trump and destroying the entire election process. Who has not said something stupid 20 years before? Nobody will run for office if this is what they must go through. This is why really qualified people would NEVER run for office. You have to be a loser with no real job skill other than how to bullshit people with a straight face to run for any office. Pathological lying can be described as the habituation of lying. It is when an individual consistently lies for no personal gain, or in the case of politicians, to always pretend to be something they are not. The lies are commonly transparent and often seem rather pointless assuming people are stupid. There are many consequences of being a pathological liar and they involve political candidates. Why would any one run for office? The press will dig up whatever they can and use ex-girlfriends or ex-boyfriends to discredit you with just slander having nothing to do with your qualifications. Life is a learning process. We are not born perfect. You have to make mistakes in order to learn. This standard of perfection imposed by the press is just not realistic. People have often asked why I would not run for some office. I am not interested in such nasty confrontations. I joke and say when the position of dictator arises, fine. Otherwise, forget it. Your entire life must be put on display. This is totally insane.

This advertisement called Mirrors is clearly taken out of context. But what I am finding offensive is Hillary is revealing that she is a hard-core feminist who really does detest men behind the curtain. One of her college girlfriends congratulated her on being first lady and said she always knew that was where she was going, just sorry you had to “take this guy” with you.

Hillary’s whole attack now is all about women. What’s next? She will stroll down the street in her underwear joining the Slut Walks? Please! Spare us those images, thank you. She is not addressing anything Bill has done and is really avoiding all the real issues in this race. The more Hillary attacks Trump who somehow is disliking women reveals her own distaste for men. She obviously will not represent men fairly, for this is becoming all about women. The headline should be: 1960’s Bra Burning Feminist Takes the White House.”

Obviously the solution is we divide the country first into quarters and split between men and women and then left and right. Then we further divide each quarter into 4 races. That way, everyone can get along within their own private enclave. My bet, they would still wage war on neighboring groups. Guess there is just no hope for humanity.

Hillary’s motto must be divide & conquer. Guess I will start using the Hillary toilet paper a reader sent in.