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Hillary: Queen of Rage & State Department Cover-ups

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The State Department is deeply involved in criminal activity. They are trying to steer the FBI into a deal to cover-up Hillary’s emails by changing classifications to support her insistence that nothing was classified. This campaign is just getting insane.

Then there is the Clinton retaliation against Matt Lauer for daring to ask her legitimate questions that were off the list that was handed to her in advance. Hillary lost it and was yelling at everyone off camera. Her staff then went on to destroy Lauer in the press. Rumors are now circulating that NBC may fire the “Today” show anchor under claims that they pay him too much — good one!

Everyone knows Hillary is vindictive and ruthless. She will destroy anyone who crosses her. There are more and more reports of voter fraud taking place with voter registrations being destroyed. This election is just a total mess.

Then there are just very disturbing videos even though they say the the guy that makes the videos is a felon and not trustworthy. Yet, people resigned and the CNN had to admit the video tapes are still very disturbing.

Meanwhile, the media digs up allegations on Trump that are all sexual against women that are supposed to be disqualifying for a President, but somehow were not for Bill Clinton. Then others are coming forward and saying these allegations Trump are made up by eye witnesses. Clinton emails continue to show she is by no means against the bankers, even emails concerning Deutsche Bank.