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Hillary maybe Just What the Model Needs to Finish off the Economy

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Hillary CartoonA Hillary presidency should be the best possible outcome for the markets since they should then begin to reflect what happens when you completely undermine confidence in government. Hillary holds first place in the poll for the perceived most dishonest presidential candidate ever to run. There will be an endless row of new scandals and how do you ever have the President and First Womanizer husband Bill, running simultaneous the Clinton Foundation with their daughter? There will be an endless scrutiny what each donation involves. Why would Saudi Arabia donate to a foundation that supports women and gays when you are executed there for being gay? It just makes no sense.

The Hillary factor as President may be far worse than anyone expects. The scandals and motions for impeachments will just keep flowing. Already, there is a call for a Special Prosecutor because Hillary misled Congress to get appointed Secretary of State.

Hillary is just what we need to send the world economy into total chaos. The potential for a monetary crisis to hit as early as 2018 may be on point with Hillary in charge. Her temper is notorious from calling a staff member “You Jew Bastard” to hitting Secret Service agents all the way to giving Bill a black eye.