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Hillary Exposed – Australia Withdraws Donation for Hillary’s Pay-to-Play Scheme

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For all the fools who supported Hillary claiming her Foundation was not illegal and doing good, Now Australia, who donated $75 million to the Clintons tax free has joined Norway cutting their donations. All government will withdraw their support for Hillary’s foundation because it was just corruption – pay to play. Hillary even had the audacity to say her foundation would continue when she was President and would not be shut down.

When the Clintons thought they had won, Bill jumped for joy like a school kid. They were probably singing to themselves ” Were in the money” song from the Great Depression.

Meanwhile. 99% of the press who endorsed Hillary will continue to attack Trump for everything they can. This will be their way of saying – see we were right. The press will keep this up and as the US share market rallies, they will blame Trump reporting he is just making his rich buddies richer.

Welcome to the new reality TV show. The meltdown on the country fueled by the socialist media who will prefer to destroy the country than admit they backed the poster-child of corruption. The Democrats should be ashamed at their party putting Hillary up.