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Hillary’s E-mails – Astonishing

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The most incredible aspect of Hillary’s e-mail scandal is the media’s total dismissal of a simple fact — Hillary DID NOT use the government’s e-mail system — she used her own. She claimed she was unaware that you could have two e-mails on one phone. That alone shows that she is not qualified to be president.

Nonetheless, that can ONLY mean that she sent top-secret e-mails through her personal e-mail service. All of her discussions with foreign governments whom donated to her charity were also in her private e-mails.

If you work for the government and opt to send all OFFICIAL e-mails through your private unsecured server because you assumed you could only have one: wouldn’t you assume that national security comes before personal e-mails?

This is just amazing. Obviously, Hillary has lied about the e-mails for how did she conduct business as part of her job without using a government system? If you had to choose between the two, it would seem that the country should come first.

Now her staff is taking the Fifth Amendment and refusing to testify. Obviously, the only reason to take the Fifth requires the risk of a crime.