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Hillary Bullshits About Obamacare

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My personal insurance costs under Blue Cross doubled. Absolutely everyone I have spoken to has had the same result. Here, a woman tells Clinton that the Democrats are out of touch. Her family of four had their healthcare costs “skyrocket” from $480 a month to $1,080 a month. This is causing a dramatic economic decline and is part of the downturn in the economy as the average working family has lost a tremendous amount of disposable income to health care that is sucking everyone dry. There is no possible way for Hillary to lower deductibles and costs at the same time. She is just bullshitting this person on CNN. When Social Security goes broken in 2017 and they will raise the age and taxes. Any career politician is just hopeless, regardless of which party they belong to. Neither side is capable of running any responsible business, no less a country.