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Hillary Avoids Testifying Again

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Hillary Cartoon

Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan from the US District Court in Washington has ruled that Democratic Party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton does not need to give a sworn testimony in a lawsuit concerning her use of an unauthorized private email system for her work as US secretary of state. Instead, Clinton must respond in writing to questions submitted by Judicial Watch who is suing the Department of State.

The problem that her supporters ignore is that Hillary did NOT use a major service like Yahoo or Google for private emails like every other politician. Before Snowden came out, I was flat-out told by a member of the House Banking Committee staff to be careful what I put in emails because the NSA was even taking theirs. Why are they not producing Hillary’s emails? Is this another J. Edgar Hoover plot to keep something in the drawer as a blackmail threat?

Had Hillary used Google or Yahoo as everyone else did, then the emails would not have been erased. They would always be there. She deleted 30,000 emails and now another 14,900 have been discovered that she never told anyone about. Anyone else would be in prison for such obstruction, including Martha Stewart. Then there was the obstruction of justice against Frank Quatrone who was prosecuted twice for a single email in which he told staff to clean up their emails. Hillary has been given a get out of jail free card. Plain and simple. This is illustrating to the world that the American Justice system really is “JUST US” bottom-line. Rotten to the core.

Had Hillary at least been honest and turned over all the emails, then there would have been no conspiracy. Her excuse of “Oops!” would have worked. Too much has come out about foreign countries donating to her foundation for access to her at the State Department. This is outright treason and bribery. Her supporters refuse to listen and grant her way too much leeway. Why? Pure bias? Why will nobody hold her to the same standards everyone else is held to ruthlessly? The right wing is pissed at Trump for he does not want nation building as they do. These neoconservatives send our boys into war with no end goal other than they can play king of the mountain. The Republican neocons will support Hillary for she will do whatever they want for support to invade the world and maintain their nation building policies.

Washington is way too corrupt on both sides. Hillary is just the poster child. She is not the only corrupt politician in Washington. If Trump wins, I still think they would try to assassinate him to keep their fiefdoms intact. He is against the bankers and wants to renegotiate the debt. That combined with ending nation-building, no wonder everyone is against him. This would be a major game-changer.