Hacker Guccifer Leaks New DNC Data

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DNC Phila

The hacker group Guccifer has released another batch of documents from the Democratic National Committee’s servers.

The top-20 personal individuals donating to Hillary are mostly hedge fund and Hollywood titans:

Haim & Cheryl Saban $10 million (financial services, entertainment, and media)
George Soros $7 million (hedge fund)
James Simons $7 million (hedge fund)
JB & Mary Kathryn Pritzker $6.5 million (venture capital)
Donald Sussman $4 million (hedge fund)
Laure L. Woods $3.31 million (Laurel Foundation)
Daniel Abraham $3 million (Slim-Fast)
Herbert Sandler $2.5 million (banker)
David E. Shaw $2.25 million (hedge fund)
Fred Eychaner $2 million (Chairman of Newsweb Corporation)
Henry & Marcha Laufer $2 million (Renaissance Technologies)
Jon Stryker $1.5 million (Environmental Activist)
Pat Stryker $1.5 million (Bohemian Foundation)
Barbara Lee $1,407,904 (Women’s Advocate)
Jeffrey Katzenberg $1 million (Dreamworks)
John Steven Mostyn $1 million (Lawyer)
Bernard Schwarts $1 million (BLS Investments)
Steven Spielberg $1 million (Hollywood Director)
Thomas Tull $1 million (Legendary Pictures)
Stephen Silberstein $800,000 (Innovative Interfaces)