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Former UK Prime Minister Says Politics Has Changed

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U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair has recognized something that those in office either do not see or refuse to admit. Blair said at the Abu Dhabi conference that Donald Trump’s wins in the U.S. primary elections are disturbing for they illustrate that there is a rising popularity of insurgent political movements around the world. The mismanagement of decades of career politicians and the total state of complete corruption in every branch of government is pushing the population to rise up against the establishment everywhere. “Sometimes I look at politics today and wonder if I still understand it,” Blair told the conference.

Meanwhile, establishment Republicans are now vowing to stop Trump. They say he is “no conservative,” but off camera, they say that he is not one of them. They are scared to death that it will not be business as usual if Trump gets in. This is the civil war building. It is career politicians against the people. They are personalizing this as Donald Trump rather than looking broadly that Trump is just Ross Perot 2.0. It could be anyone who is an outsider. Trump just has the money to fund this without selling his soul to the elite political PACs.