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FBI Clears Hillary for Mishandling Classified Emails – AGAIN

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Comey-James FBI-Portrait

FBI Director James Comey released an official statement saying that with respect to Hillary, “we have not changed the conclusions that we expressed in July with respect to Secretary Clinton.” There would be no new charges regarding “mishandling” of classified documents. The real story will be the Clinton Foundation. That is what could lead to TREASON. It is the only possible avenue that I would see that could lead to charges against Hillary. As I stated earlier, there is no way to impeach a president for acts PRIOR to taking office. They would have to charge her, put her on trial, and imprison her BEFORE inauguration to stop her. That just does not seem likely even if Comey had the evidence. It means nothing since she has been nominated as the Democratic candidate.

Despite all the hoopla, there was really nothing Comey could have done to stop Hillary. All the criticism hurled at him was partisan. According to sources, what evidence exists in the emails point more to corruption and the pay-for-play. That can lead top Treason if she is taking money from people who fund our enemies. That is the conflict of interest and Comey has not cleared anyone of that. Would he bring this charge up? Probably not given the state of wholesale corruption we are witnessing in politics.


I still “believe” that they will rig the election to prevent a Trump victory despite the fact that our computer projects a Trump victory and more importantly, that this is a major clash with people who want their country back. Already, Texas has broken all records for the number of people coming out to vote early. This seems to confirm our computer will be right on that forecast that this should be the biggest turnout for the past 23 elections.

deplorablesBottom-line is rather stark. Our computer has NEVER been wrong except one time – the election of 2000. There the Supreme Count handed the election to Bush and would not wait for a recount, which ultimately showed Gore should have won. So a Clinton victory will send us into war and the economy down hard and dirty. That appears to be more likely from the market perspective with the bubble top in bonds. But this will be a rigged outcome and that will send what she calls the “deplorables” into rising civil unrest.