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Emails Expose Hillary & Insider Trading on Greek Bailouts?

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Clinton Family

The Clinton scandals will provide endless TV entertainment, which may be more like a reality TV show with the Kardashians. Most people think it will be Donald Trump. Trump may give us some frank insults that are badly needed now and then to keep people focused, but the Clintons will provide never-ending intrigue and scandals.

Now we have a new scandal involving Hillary’s hedge fund manager and son-in-law, Marc Mezvinsky, who is the husband of Chelsea Clinton. In 2012, he set up a Greek bond fund with a special arrangement with none other than Goldman Sachs expecting a bailout to boost Greek debt values. Yep! Now hedge fund manager Marc Mezvinsky placed a huge bet on a Greek economic recovery based upon the political expectation of a bailout for Greece going through. His Secretary of State mother-in-law allegedly seems to have been sharing classified information to help her son-in-law.

Clinton Chelse

In 2012, Mezvinski’s $325 million basket of offshore funds under the Eaglevale Partners lost tens of millions of dollars after predicting that bailouts of the Greek banking system would pump up the value of the country’s distressed bonds. His exclusive Greek debt fund suffered near-total losses with inside political info. Newly released emails from 2012 show that Hillary and a Clinton Foundation consultant, Sidney Blumenthal, shared classified information about how German leadership viewed the prospects for a Greek bailout. Clinton also shared “protected” State Department information about Greek bonds with her husband who allegedly passed it on to their son-in-law who set up none other than a Greek bond hedge fund. 

Sharing such sensitive information with friends and family, once again, shows how the Clintons work. Of course, that is illegal and the SEC would normally throw such a hedge fund manager in prison and strip him of his license for none other than Insider Trading. You can bet he too will get a pass by the SEC as will Goldman Sachs if there is any connection with the Blumenthal emails. This just never ends.

Well Chelsea is a director of the Clinton Foundation. Hillary says she is the only one with a plan to deal with Wall Street, which we must assume is to give them inside information to trade with to offset any pretend fines while making the fines tax deductible (nobody else gets that privilege). On the upside, if they keep betting that government deals and manipulations will win, well they may go broke because the free markets are not always acting as the insiders expect. Oops! Sorry about those Greek bonds.

Just maybe, Bill meeting with Lynch was not about the Hillary indictment, which is already fixed and makes no sense. The Justice Department is ALSO investigating the Clinton Foundation. The Sidney Blumenthal emails are revealing a different layer. Bill may have been trying to head off that investigation into the foundation, which could taint New York Bankers and other family members. The assumption it was all about the Hillary indictment is probably nonsense for there is no way they would have allowed Hillary to run for president if there would have been an indictment. That has all been fixed by Obama.

There is the Blue Code where cops do not rat on cops; well, Democrats have the same code in this case that has become notorious. If there was any possibility of an indictment, she would have to be on bail. Come on. There is no possible way Hillary will get indicted. That has been fixed to allow her to run. Obama will not torpedo his own party.


From the outset, Hillary was not well liked. Biden was under pressure to jump in, but as Hillary gained support, she was also creating her own get-out-of-jail free card. If she could muster enough popular support, it would become impossible for a Democrat to indict her. She could have sent a missile to kill the Pope and claimed it went off course as it was meant for IS, and it would be acceptable. All you have to do is listen to people like Cory Booker defend Hillary to see through the total BS.

This Bill Clinton meeting with Lynch was about something else. My bet is that the meeting was about the foundation and what is emerging from the Blumenthal emails.