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Elite Republicans Against Trump

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There is no question that the establishment will deliberately try to hand the election to Hillary because they are scared to death of an outsider coming in who might start vetoing their pork deals. All my sources are screaming that the establishment will do whatever it takes to stop Trump. By no means is this about ideology. They will not accept an outsider at the helm, no matter what the people want. They are now talking about creating their own third party candidate that they can pretend to vote for so they do not have to publicly support Hillary. This is getting really interesting but it is highly questionable if the Republican Party will survive intact.

The Democrats are composed of various groups from women and minorities to gays  and socialists. Somehow, they are all pointing in the same direction. The Republican Party is not so blended; they have the staunch neo-conservatives, libertarians, religious right, and the Tea Party just to name a few. They constantly clash over issues, and as a result this is the party that tends to split. This time, it appears they are signing their own death warrant. This is even becoming public news.

Will enough Americans become angry at the attempts to manipulate them away from Trump? A surge of new voters support Trump just because the elite are trying to prevent him from becoming president. We live in interesting times. The computer is showing very high volatility come November.