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Election 2016: Libertarian v Trump v Hillary

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2016 Election

QUESTION: Marty – Your computer has been predicting the uptick of a 3rd party candidate. Why do you never talk about Gary Johnson or the Libertarian Party? You have to be leaning that way yourself, no? He’s getting about 8.5% in the polls, on aggregate, he’s suing the presidential debate committee to get into the debates, and they’re the only 3rd party on the ballot in 50 states. So why have you never even mentioned him? I read your blog everyday.


ANSWER: This should be an election where the Libertarian Party gets perhaps its greatest percentage of votes. If they focus on expanding their candidates, they will have a good shot in 2018 at Congress. Keep in mind that a Libertarian president without a Libertarian Congress will be very ineffective.

Donald Trump has remade the Republican Party, which is why the career politicians hate him so much. He is raining on their parade. This is actually a good thing for the Libertarians should they join Trump in trying to displace the career Republicans in Congress. This is a political TAKEOVER. Trump at least has the name recognition that Gary Johnson lacks, which is 90% of the battle.

This is clearly turning into a cross-dressing affair. The Democrats are now the party of the rich and famous and are backed by the New York Bankers. The roles have been switched. The minorities have not yet figured that one out, but they are starting to. It was the Clintons who signed legislation that put more blacks in prison than all the presidents before combined.