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Donald Trump Now #1 in Polls

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Trump is hitting very hard, clearly tapping into the emerging anti-establishment politician trend. He bluntly states, “Who do you want negotiating with China? Trump or Bush?” You could expand that to Hillary. Her negotiations amount to how much they are willing to donate to her questionable charity. People setup such charities because they have money to give back TO society, like Bill Gates. The Clintons started their charity when they were broke. Who is the charity really benefiting and why did Hillary shakedown countries as Secretary of State to pile in money to their questionable charity?


MSNBC keeps trying to focus on Trump’s comments on Mexico. They give him tons of airtime in an attempt to discourage people from voting for him, but they may be creating the exact opposite. Despite what everyone says, he is tapping into the increasingly popular view that everyone is starting to feel, having had enough of politicians, or at least the ones with a brain. This is definitely the PEAK in government: 2015.75. Indeed, the mood for 2016 is going to be very interesting.


When the economy turns down after 2015.75, it should impact the public at large and we should see a surge in people going to vote for 2016.